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Our breading association




In the following Catterys lives the parents of our darlings

Here also lives our Karlie

the Cattery "von der Rhader Mark" stopped breading in 2009

In the following catterys lives breading cats from us:

Here lives Elias with Charylee Krantz in Southafrica

Here lives Fabio with Brigitte Verhagen in the Netherlands

Here lives Finley and Hermine with Anita Büttner in Röthenberg near Nürnberg

Anita has stopped her breading program!


Here lives Johannes with Lorraine Brown in Stara Zagora Bulgaria


Links to other breaders of Siberian Cats and Neva Masquarade

At the homepage "vom Ohlenberg" you will find a list of breaders of Sibirian Cats all over the world.
The Family Giehr do update this side with many work oftenly.

Even at the homepage "vom Hohen Timp" you will find a list of breader ot the Siberian Cats at the Link side.

Here you can search by postal code or evern by clicking the state.



Please take a look at this side





The veterinarian of our cats is:
Dr. med. vet. Tanja Recker
Graf-Sporck-Str. 22
33129 Delbrück



If our animals need a hospital we will go to:

Tierärztliche Klinik für Kleintiere

Dr. H. Lüttgenau - Dr. K. Flaig

Bechterdisser Str. 6

33719 Bielefeld-Oldentrup



Everyone who is thinking about bying a little cat, we will please to show first on the following
side of Buffy's Diary.
A cat is not a toy for children!! It takes you care every day of the year.