At the 29th of August or G-Litter was born!


The parent are:



International Champion

Passionata Hannah


Great International Champion

Manou von der Sperlingshöhe


The Babies:









Gawriil vom Hagedorn





moved out

Gawriil lives now together with Toby (Brian) with Jody and Johann in Den Haag



Gracie vom Hagedorn





moved out

Gracie lives together with Amadeo in Moers with Alexa




Gaja vom Hagedorn





Gaja sadly passed away after 5 days


By clicking the smal pictures you will open the galery of the kitten. This galery will be updates oftenly.

If you are interested in one of our Babys please phone us or send us a Mail. Then we can made a date for visiting the Baby. Please understand, that our Babys can be visited for the first time, if they will be 8 weeks old. Before that you can make a note of the baby.


availeble:                     It is possible to buy the baby.

under observation:       Someone is interested in the baby, but you can also ask for it.

sold:                            The baby had found his personal slave. The contract was signed.

moved out:                  The baby had been brought to his now owner by us.