Our Babys will grow up as a part of our family. They will have contact to us human and to all our cats and studs. Also our dog Ruby will be a partner for them to play. They will be lovingly cared by us all. They can move all around in our appartment or on the saved outdoor enclosure.


By there delivery they will be well socialized, housetrained and weaned. They are vaccinated and moretimes dewormed. They also will be microchipped and get an EU Animal Pasport.

The Baby will bring the following to there new home:

A Pedigree of Koschka e.V.

A veterinary health certificates

Vaccination certificate

Their normal food for the next days

A picture CD


We would like to point out, that we won't sell a kitten in unsecured free running. Also should be an animal playfellow avalable.