In this photo gallery we will publish time after time fotos of our cats, that we had

made during our trips or at home.


                  Pictures from Caspian and Eliza during their holiday visit in Delbrück


   National Holiday Snapshots at 16-10-03


   Joana and Jakob stayed two weeks with us during their holidayss


   Snapshots from 19th of June 2016


   Visit from Jette and Inèz


   Snapshots from June 2016


   L-Litter - pictures of the first visit in the playpen


    Pictures from 1st. of May 2015

   Picture shooting with the Babies 2014

  4 days recreation

 Our cats from Berlin on holidays in Delbrück

First Pictures of the F-Litters trip in the playpen

 The first pictures of the F-Babies

 Holiday greetings from Ruby and Myloh from Denmark

The first Babys climb out to the enclosure

Myloh and Ruby at the Ems-Fountains

 The first pictures of the babys in the playpen

 Merlin at the fotographer

Our Cats playing at the new year weekend

Snow excursion in Dezember 2010

The babies became adventurousness and conquer the "childrens room".

The continuation of our outdoor enclosure

 The building of our outdoor enclosure part one

Diashow of our visit in Berlin in October 2009

The first picture of the 3 M's in our home.

Holidays in the black forest Christmas 2008

Sarah and Bunny made holidays in the "Stubaital" in Austria

                          by Manuela and Rudi in December 2008

Short trip to the trailer parking in Berlin-Spandau in May 2008

We visit Jamie-Pascal and Joelle for the first time

Snap shots 3

Snap shots 2

      Sarah goes to the photographer with her cats

Snap shots 1

The first days of Isabella and Panther in our home

Holidays during Christmas 2007 in the "Stubaital" in Austria

Summer holidays in Portugal in May 2007

Holidys during Christmas 2006 in the "Stubaital" in Austria

A short trip to Hamburg in October 2006

The drawing in of Enyya and Chelsie in our home in October 2006