On this page we want to introduce us: we that are Gerti, Thomas, Sarah und Annika Quittenbaum. Gerti and Thomas live in the contemplative town Delbrück in Ostwestfalen near Paderborn. Sarah lives  together with her husband Thomas and her son Paul and with her four cats in Berlin. Annika lives together with her boyfriend Tim and her two cats in Paderborn- Elsen.

Our love for the Siberian Cat and Neva Masquarade we discovered in 2006. Our housecat Scully had been stolen and we don't want to live without a cat.

Here you can read about the story of Scully

Surching for a new cat, we became aware on Enyya-Evette, who was born in the cattery "von der Sperlingshöhe". Enyya had moved to our home and a few weeks later Chelsie "von der Rhader Mark" moved also to our home.

In the next year Sarah still bought Isabella, Panther and Obelix. All these cats had been made sterile by castration,  because we don't want to breed at this time.

The idea for breading came in the autumn 2008, as Sarah and Gerti bought the two tomcats Jamie-Pascal and Joelle. The breader of them (Margrit) requestet the both, not to castrate the two tomcats, because maybe she wanted to have a litter with them. That's exactly the time of Gerti and Sarahs first thought on breading.

In January 2009 they foundet there breading corporation under the cattery name "vom Hagedorn". During the year 2009 they also got the ladies Sevannah, Hannah and Mary-Faye, and the gentleman Manou and Merlin. So that was the start of our breading.

The first litters we had in autum 2010!

Since Sarah's Tomcat Jamiy-Pascal has been castrated, she didn't breed any more. Now Gerti and Thomas are bteading allone.

With Annika and Tim lived Kariim (called Karlo) who will be a part of our breading program.


The name "vom Hagedorn"


How we can achieve the name of our breading is quite simple: the hawthorn (hagedorn) bush takes part in the coat of arms of Delbrück, because in the middle ages there will be the court under it. When we got on search for an appropriate name for our breading, it was Sarahs ex-boyfriend Sebastian (Bunny) who got the idea for the name. So the reference to our hometown Delbrück was  established.